What are online Poker tournaments?

When you sign up to play at a casino online you will find a number of different types of poker games that you sign up to. This can sometimes become over whelming. One of the easiest ways to play poker for me is to sign into a tournament.

Basically between 6 and 10 people sit around a table and everyone has put in the same stake. You all get chips & when you bet you bet with the chips instead of cash. The betting & card game rules are the same.

Generally the final 3 players left in the game win back some of the money that you all put in at the start. Of course the player that comes first wins the most.

On these types of games the blinds are raised at regular intervals to speed up game play. This could be every few minutes or after a set amount of hands.

The rules on this vary from casino site to casino site. This forces a player to bet even if he may not want too which can change the whole feel of a game.

These types of games are becoming more popular as they are a great way to play a long game without winning too much money. The stakes for these tournaments do vary and it is up to you which tables you join. The great thing about these is that once you have joined you can’t lose any more money – even if you want to take a gamble and go all in! You will only ever lose your original stake.