Hybrid Roulette Online Casino Games

One method of inventing an online casino game is by taking an aspect from one class of game and adding it into another type. This method has been adopted by Wager Works when developing wager work

Today free spins is a very important part of online slot games. The online slot players are given a number of free spins when a stipulated pattern shows on the reels. But the amount wagered is not removed from this players balance during this free spins. The payout they make during this free spin are paid into their account. The system of free spin is used by the Double Bonus Spin Roulette. The wheel has a yellow well, which includes 0 and 00, this together with the well for 38 numbers.

During any spin the ball lands in any of this well, the money wagered stands and the free double bonus spin is awarded to these players. The money wagered is not removed from this players balance. Two blue lights appear in the double bonus spin. The two blue lights is rotated independently around the wheel and finally stops next to a number when the spin is activated. The player will receive a payout if that number is covered a standing wager, this payout will be credited immediately into the players account, since the both light revolves independently, both can bring about payout. For the double bonus spin, when one or the two blue light stop at the yellow well, there will be a payout for bonus. Another interesting part of this Roulette variant is the fact that players can wager on the yellow, just like on any number. Hence assuming the ball lands on top of the yellow well when it is still covered by a wager, the player gets a normal payout together with the free Double Bonus Spin. It is possible for one to catch the ball and the blue light since the yellow well is one and half times the width of the regular wells.